Rubicon is in a unique position to fund loans to Trusts & Estates.


Rubicon Mortgage Fund can provide cash-out loans for Trust Settlements

For estate planning purposes, owners often hold their real property in a revocable living trust which may become irrevocable upon their death.

Unfortunately, it may be more difficult for a trust to get a traditional loan due to lack of income or credit worthiness. Rubicon, however, specializes in making loans to trusts – focusing on the equity of the real property held by the Trust.

Moreover, we will work with the trustees and its attorneys to preserve potential parent-child property tax exclusion.


Trust Lending Process
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Highlights unique to Rubicon Mortgage Fund: Loans to Trusts

The following is a common scenario:

The original Trustors (parents) of a revocable living trust had both recently died. The Successor Trustee (one of the children) came to us looking for a loan. The Trust needed to make its final distribution to its three beneficiaries (the children) however its only asset was the family home. One of the children wanted to keep the house; the other two lived out of state and wanted cash. Rubicon was able to lend money to the Trust secured by the real property. The Trust then distributed the loan proceeds to the two children equally and distributed the real property (with the loan) to the remaining child. Working with the Trust’s attorney, the parties were able to avoid a property tax reassessment.

    • Loan amount: $537,000
    • Loan Term: 6 Months
    • Loan Position: First Deed of Trust
    • LTV: Approx. 42%

Highlights unique to Rubicon Mortgage Fund:

  • Save Time – Rubicon has an in-house underwriting team that has streamlined the ability to close quickly, sometimes within 15 business days.
  • Our Creative Loan Structuring – Ability to think outside the box and customize a solution to best suit clients needs.
  • As an added benefit, Rubicon may be able to help facilitate the take-out solution at the end of the trust distribution process.

Rubicon is in a unique position to fund loans to Trusts and Estates.

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