Short-term loan from
Rubicon Mortgage Fund
gets the deal done in 2 weeks!


  • Borrower needed to make a clean, competitive offer
  • Borrower relocating from San Francisco to Berkeley, CA
  • Borrower needed to purchase new home prior to selling existing home
  • Borrower needed to secure property, even with multiple offers on the table
  • Broker needed to guide the borrower with a winning strategy at a critical time
  • Broker needed a competent partner that could fund the loan quickly and efficiently

Loan was funded in two weeks – allowing borrower to submit the winning offer.

Rubicon specializes in asset based loans throughout California & will create a customized private money loan to fit your needs.

Transaction speed matters – we can fund your deal in as little as two weeks.
Learn more about the private money loans we offer and the property types we lend on.
Rubicon Mortgage Fund